Winter Photos can have a Magical Light

Many of us think that the cold and dull weather in January is a good excuse to give the camera a well earned break ! I think we often lose inspiration for our photography during the winter months, and especially it seems in January, after the hype of the Christmas fun and before the first signs of Spring colour.
But actually we are missing some unique opportunities for some very special moments in the camera this month. There are some really good reasons to keep shooting in Winter here in Ireland.

One important one is the low angled light. The low winter sunshine which lasts for most of the daylight hours, (assuming that is it’s not hidden by cloud) is wonderful if you really take the time to look at it. The way it skims across the landscape revealing texture which you won’t see the like of in the Summer. Beautiful photos can be captured in places local to any of us that seem to have a different look about them this time of year. Get into the habit of ‘seeing’ the light as you walk or drive around your locality, and next time – take your camera!

Photo credit Amanda Burke

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