Morning Fog in Winter

We can get a new camera for Christmas and it’s kind of tempting to think we can’t ‘really’ have fun with it until Spring.
But actually we are missing some unique opportunities for some very special moments in the camera in the Winter. There are some really good reasons to keep shooting in Winter here in Ireland.

Fog or mist. Of course we can get fog any time of the year, but early morning Winter fog is so much more readily available for capturing since it is still around at a more convenient time. How many of us have driven to work or to drop the kids off to school and have enjoyed the beauty of familiar scenery engulfed in a shroud of fog or mist that seems to highlight certain buildings and trees that you had forgotten existed ! Now the distractions around them are hidden and the whole scene looks so much more artistic. Well check the weather forecast the night before and don’t forget the camera when you leave the house in the morning !

Photo credit Amanda Burke

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