Bare Winter Trees Make for Good Photos

Now if there’s one thing I do prefer to shoot in winter rather than in summer then that is trees.

It’s only recently that I took an interest in photographing trees at all. I took some pictures of trees in various places last winter and was quite impressed with the way good composition could be achieved. Having looked at the same trees in summer it was quite disappointing that the leaves on the trees actually seemed to ruin any compositional goals. A lot of it is to do with the low light in winter being that much more attractive. It seems to be that  there is a more graphic look about trees in winter.

So there’s not an excuse not to go out and photograph things in the winter. Once the leaves have grown on the trees then we have lost the chance until next Winter.

Turn on your camera’s monitor and holding your camera in front of you as you walk around and about in the woods or forest. Watch the scenes unfolding through the monitor until you see something interesting emerging and take the shot.

Photo credit Amanda Burke


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