Winter Portraits

Make the most of the winter months  by taking portraits of people in their cosy Winter getup. Woolly hats and scarves are great for framing the face and enhancing the eyes.

When there is snow on the ground this is a great opportunity. Make sure your subject is faced towards a blanket of snow and you will see them based in a beautiful soft light. Best done on an overcast day rather than a sunny day when the light can be too bright for the face plus your subject might not be able to help squinting

Try to use natural light instead of Flash. Natural light gives better reflections in the eyes. if you are using a compact camera then make sure you don’t use the portrait mode or the flash will fire automatically. Use the program mode and make sure your white balance is set correctly. If it’s a dull day you might need to increase your ISO to as high as 1600. If it’s a sunny day then it might be a good idea to put your subject in the shade, and you shouldn’t have to use such a high ISO you can use about 200 or 400.

If you are working in manual then set your aperture nice and wide and your ISO at 200 for a sunny day or up to 1600 on a dull day. Get nice and close and take a meter reading from your subject’s face. Focus on the eyes. Take a look at the first shot and it may be that you will need to increase your shutter speed or decrease it.

But hey don’t forget to get nice and close to your subject and frame that lovely face in the camera so you we can see the beautiful eyes.

Photo credit Amanda Burke

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