Improvers Photography Class Spring 2017

We began in January with 15 participants, a wonderful group of budding photographers that together brought energy and enthusiasm to our Wednesday nights.

Penny (3)     Italo 2 (2)

Ewelina Wide (2)

Photographic challenges were set such as ‘Shape’ and  ‘A Touch of Colour’ and these were strategic in building skills and confidence.

Mini practical sessions helped to ease the technical skills needed and soon the photographers were able to visualize the possibilities in their end of course projects.


On April 6th until April 9th we held an exhibition of the students work in Macdonagh Junction Shopping Centre. Each participating student produced a project on a theme and displayed between 6 and 10 images on that theme.

Anne    Carla

Helen Hogan

There were themes such as ‘Heavenly Light’ and Summer is Coming’. One theme was titled ‘Inspired by Whatever!’. Another had the curious title of  ‘Out of the Wrapper !


Inspired by Whatever 1     The Playground

Whatever the title and whatever the theme, each student is to be commended for their work and commitment. It is a huge pleasure to see enthusiastic photographers grow in their love for photography and hone their visual and technical skills for the purpose of their own enjoyment as well as giving pleasure to others.

I really enjoyed the course and will definitely continue to practise the great skills I’ve learned from you.
Thank you again for everything.
Thanks Amanda for a really interesting course, learnt loads and now see things from a different angle.
Enjoyed every minute of your course Amanda, thanks a mil for all the great tips and information. Onwards and upwards!!!
Thank you Amanda, I learned so much, loved the hands on approach, it was also fun and I got to make some lovely new friends.


_CLS8186 low res

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