Simple Trees

The simplest photos are often the best. When I go out looking for things to photograph I’m trying to isolate them. We see so many things, and it would be so easy to stand back and just take a shot of everything. We have to isolate things in our  minds and try to imagine what they would look like if they were the only thing in the scene.

On this occasion it was a lovely September afternoon as I took a little walk around the Lyrath Estate. A lot of trees a lot of possibilities but but it was my intention to examine each individual or collection of trees and see how I could best isolate them.

Funny thing about photography is that when you’re shooting more than one thing the same then it is most often that three of those things or five of those things will look better than two or four. This is called ‘The Rule of Odds’.

There could have been another tree in this series I don’t actually remember but even if there was I chose to just isolate the three giving a slightly better composition.

To me the trunks of trees are always uniform and often attractive whereas when the tree is full of leaves I don’t find the shape of the trees to fit into my composition quite so well.

When I go out on a photo walk I always look back behind me every 50 yards or so just in case I’ve missed something in the opposite direction. When I turned around here I noticed the mowed path acted as a leading line.

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