Conor the snow cat

Snow Cat

A fall of snow can be inconvenient for many reasons but most of us in truth do appreciate the beauty in the change of the landscape despite those inconveniences such as clearing the drive or garden path and getting to work.

I would say this is true of most keen photographers especially here in Ireland where snow doesn’t come every year. I want to make the most of it and if I can’t get into town because of the roads then I have only my immediate surroundings to take pictures of and so once I have exhausted the garden and a few metres up the road I am left with my cats!

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Samsung Galaxy S6

To say they are willing subjects maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I find there are ways to persuade them. I do have two cats but only one of them would venture anywhere near the snow the other one keeping to the sheltered areas of the house where the snow had not settled or retreating into the hedge to avoid my obsessive ways with this strange black box I carry around.

Conor the cat on the other hand was happy enough to wade tummy deep in snow to investigate the few bits of gravel that I threw into it to attract his attention.  His curiosity got the better of him which I was ready for, shooting several frames on each of his trips across the ‘Antarctic’’.


Olympus Pen f. Olympus M 40-150mm @ 120mm. f5.6 400ISO 1/500

One of the great things about photographing anything in the snow is that you can get a nice fast shutter speed because of the brightness in the scene which for me that day was quite handy as I was shooting something rather active.

Olympus Pen f. Olympus M 40-150mm @ 132mm. f5.6 400ISO 1/500


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