Framing for Interest.

What a lovely lot of snow we had this December. It lasted 2 or 3 days for us on higher ground. I wanted to go into town to photograph the snow but  although the roads were passable, it wasn’t worth the risk just to get a few photos so had to make the most of the surroundings around our house, (which obviously were far more photogenic than usual).

When taking a photo of a landscape and there is both a lot of sky and a lot of foreground we tend to photograph our subject right in the middle of the two.

Bringing attention to the sheep by cropping off the space in the immediate foreground.

It is better to either raise the camera slightly to emphasize the sky and get less foreground thus placing our subject in the lower half of the image; or lower the camera a little to get less sky and more foreground, thus placing our subject in the top half of the final image.

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