Close Up on ‘Beginnings’.

At the dawn of a new year so many of us like to start something new. For me a new project seems to be my way of thinking at the start of a new year or perhaps a new diet, a resolution to eat more healthy for instance.

Beginning for me as I explore the concept visually might be the beginning of a long straight road or path or the beginning of a tape measure fading out into the distance or perhaps a newborn baby.

Another thought takes me to the start of a new book. A book I might  want to read or maybe one I might even like to write.

When I ponder what the word ‘Beginning’ really means I find myself going back to the very beginning where it all began, where we all began, how we all began.

This visual thought could take me to Genesis Chapter 1, the beginning of the best selling book ever. However I  prefer the poetic way that it’s put in the first few lines of the New Testament.

So for my photographic project on beginnings I ended up where it all began. I wanted to incorporate the number one  the beginning of numbers. I also wanted to make sure that the word ‘beginning’ was the main focus leaving the viewer perhaps with some curiosity as the other words faded out that they might have wanted to know the rest of the story.

I created this image with my macro lens thus showing a very shallow depth of field.  I like this.

Camera Olympus Pen F

Lens Olympus Zuiko 60mm macro f2.8

F2.8 at 2 seconds and 80 ISO

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