Keeping Photography Simple & Fun

Beginners in Digital Photography is a selection of different photography courses designed for the complete beginner as well as for those who are more experienced. Our clients own any type of camera from the pocket compact to the pro SLR. We also teach Photoshop, a series of photo editing applications increasing in popularity.

We run Beginners classes both in the mornings and in the evenings. We also hold a follow on Improver’s course for those wanting more. Due to demand we soon hope to be able to offer an online mentoring service for the keenest of enthusiasts.

Over the years we have also conducted all day workshops, usually on Saturdays. Our portrait workshop has shown to be very popular with camera owners of all levels catered for as well as those with any type of camera. We have also conducted all day workshops in homes as a day to celebrate a birthday or just a group of photography enthusiasts who want to spend the day together.

Another of our services is to offer 1:1 sessions for the camera or Photoshop owner who prefer that style of interaction. Each individual has their own personal level of ability or a specific need on their learning journey.

Over the past 9 years almost 700 individual camera users have booked into our classes with around a third of these going on to our follow on classes.

Although for the last 9 years we have operated very much locally here in Kilkenny, we have enjoyed seeing photographers coming to our classes from Carlow, Wexford, Portlaoise, Clonmel, Waterford and Dublin. In the future however we anticipate being able to partner with many more keen amateurs from across the globe with an increase in our internet presence.

Both digital photography itself and the inevitable corresponding pastime of digital editing, can be quite daunting to the beginner and attempts at making sense of it all via the ‘dipping in’ of advice given over the internet, in books, camera clubs and other photographers can often make one feel more confused. Some of these resources are taught by those who¬† just love to flaunt the technical vocabulary on the subject to show how much they know. Nothing wrong with that when you know so much but it doesn’t always help those who don’t know. We love to break down those insurmountable barriers of technical understanding and with a little patience and dedication on our part, show our clients how simple it can all be. It’s the delight of seeing that OMG moment in the smile of the photographer as they seem to almost ‘bond’ with their camera for the very first time that keeps us coming back for more !

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