Shooting the Cat on the Lap

I would love to have a dog I had dogs in the past but lately all I’ve had is cats. I like cats too and I love to have them around me.

This morning one of the cats decided to curl up on my lap and I am glad that my Olympus Pen f just so happened to be within reach as he did look kind of cute (as they do). I always think that having pets around can give us good opportunities to practice with both settings on our cameras and composition.

it was a dull morning so I knew I would have to have the slowest shutter speed especially since I was shooting a live object which can move. My 17mm f 1.8 lens was on the camera so I chose f 1.8 which I love to use. You can see from the background the lovely bokeh that it gives (that’s the blur in the background) as long as you can get focusing right of course which is rather crucial at that wide an aperture.

I did have to bump up the ISO to 1600 but that’s just the way it goes. I got as close as I could to the cat. I think his nose is a bit exaggerated as happens with wide angle lenses shot from close up, but I rather like the shot.

So the moral of the story I guess is to have camera handy!

This kind of shot can be achieved on any phone or camera but some cameras won’t give you the ‘Bokeh’ and others might make the flash fire and that might spoil the natural ambient light rendering the background very dark and the subject very bright.

But give it a go and remember to make sure you focus on your pets eyes.

‘Gwa wud ya with ya camera can’t a fella have a good scratch in peace’!

Both Picture Olympus Pen F and Zuiko 17mm lens @ f1.8. Shutter 1/60 and 1600 ISO.

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