Repeating Patterns

A few weeks ago I had the fortunate opportunity of a personal tour around a briquette factory. I hadn’t anticipated this nor planned it but it occurred quite unexpectedly one Saturday morning and I was delighted.

I was a little apprehensive having never been in a working factory of any kind before. There was a lot of noise and steam and smoke and smells that we’re not particularly pleasant and it was also extremely hot.

But what caught my eye was the colour and symmetry and repetition of patterns of the layout of the machinery.

If only I had an hour or two to really explore the factory floor from both ground level and above it would have been a dream but I literally only had five minutes to observe and to frame and to shoot and I was probably very lucky to get this shot at all.

Olympus Pen F and 17mm Lens f1.8 @ f2 and 1/60 and 400 ISO

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