Why Are My Snow Pictures Coming Out Dull?

When you are using your camera to take photographs in snow you may have found that everything looks a bit ‘grey’ and dull. This is because  when your camera  metres  the bright light  coming from the snow  it thinks it’s too bright and automatically  sets the camera  to make it  darker. This is when you need to avail of a very useful button.

Look on the back of your camera for your ‘Exposure Compensation’ button. It’s marked with a “+/-” icon. You may also find this in your phone under camera settings.

Exposure Compensation

If you hold that button in and look at your LCD screen you should see a scale with a plus on one end and a minus on the other and the indicator in the middle at “0”.

Exposure compensation scale set at plus one.

Using your main dial move the indicator towards the plus sign until the indicator reads that you are at +1. This will make your snow look whiter.

0 Exposure Compensation
+1 Exposure Compensation

Those of you who have done our ‘Beginners in Digital Photography’ classes in the last couple of years can find more information in your notes week 5.

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