Having enjoyed such lovely weather for the past few days I feel sad that the sun has now been swallowed up in a mass of cloud. However, this makes life much easier for my ramble in the bluebells and my image making with my Nikon SLR.

There is an assumption among beginning photographers that when the sun is shining is the very best time to take a photograph. I hear this said all the time even from people that have attended my classes, which includes a session on light when I attempt to address that assumption.

I think it has to do with the fact that we tend to believe what we see as opposed to what is true. When the sun is shining and our eyes look at a certain scene we believe that the camera is going to reproduce exactly what our eyes can see. Of course when we go ahead and take that picture with a camera we are so very often disappointed that it doesn’t appear as our eyes saw it in the finished image. This can be very hard to understand for beginning photographers and one of the top reasons why camera owners sign in to my classes.

This is illustrated in the subtle differences of the bluebell wood scene where the first attempt at shooting it resulted in brightness in areas where I would prefer to see colour and detail. No amount of tweaking the camera settings would change this since it was a light problem and not a camera problem.

Bluebell wood scene on a sunny day.

As I waited however for the clouds to envelop the sun I knew the results would be different. The colours are now much richer and the scene is a lot easier on the eye.

Same scene but sun has gone behind a cloud.

So enjoy the sunshine as much as you can but don’t let assumptions spoil a beautiful scene. Wait until the sun goes behind the clouds or come back later on in the day when the evening light could yield results you would never have believed.

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