Not So Simple Selfie?

Selfies are a quick and fun way to grab a memory and where would we be without them? But are they simple?

To celebrate this wonderful summer we’ve been having in 2018 I thought a pair of prescription designer shades would be the very thing.

After having purchased the same I then thought a picture of them on me would be the way to go. A quick job one might think but when we are doing selfies we can be a bit more fussy than when we are photographing somebody else.

So this is the series of selfies that I took before I hit on one that I was semi pleased with.  So first of all me thinks window a big window would be a good idea to offset soft light for a more mature face. First of all just standing in front of the window but too many distractions in the background. Instead I decided to sit on my son’s white leather office chair and I guess that’s a little better.  But I didn’t much like the reflections in the lenses coming from the window being straight opposite me.

Selfie in front of a window.

So I thought well let’s give it a go outside. Of course with the sun high in the sky I knew it wasn’t going to be particularly flattering on my face but I thought I’d give it a go anyway.

Low 5
Selfie in full sun.

You can see the difference. The shadows on my face not great. So, big idea, go and get the white umbrella I have indoors and shade the sun with the umbrella.

Low Res 1
Use an umbrella to shade the sun.

A little tricky with phone in one hand and umbrella in the other but fortunately because I have voice control activated on the phone all I had to do was say ‘Shoot!’ and the camera took the picture. The next thing however was the distractions again in the background.

Low 4
Better but now I see the distracting background!

So after having tried moving the phone around I then decided best thing to do was to turn the chair around instead. Finally with the chair turned around and the umbrella shading the sun I took my final shot.

Low 3
Umbrella gives softer light with no distractions in background.

So there’s the variation guys. What a difference it can make if you can clear distracting backgrounds and get the right light.

So that’s my celebration and I think it’s a worthy celebration for what can be called a real summer.

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