Passengers, Pedestrians & Passers-By!

One of my favourite things to do with my camera is to capture ‘life’ as it goes by!

Many of us love ‘people watching’. I love ‘people watching’ with my camera. Find me in a busy town or city somewhere and my mind is making timely shots with or without my camera. The cyclist wearing colourful clothes, the lone teen looking unsure in a hoodie, the old fella with his cane strutting by and the slim young thing with heels texting on a bench.



For me this is the essence of digital storytelling and far outweighs the sunset, the seascape or the field of poppies. I like those too but I can go look for them anytime I like but capturing people is like fishing, I like the watching, the waiting, the anticipating and then the ‘bite’ as i press that shutter at precisely the right moment.

13. Guard at Bagenalstown Station

Framing and choosing what will or won’t be included, choosing the right lens, the right viewpoint are all important. It’s that tense excitement of anticipation, the deflation when the story didn’t quite play out the way I wanted. If only they had been one step nearer to the background, if only they hadn’t turned just at that moment, if only I had waited 2 seconds longer I would have seen her put up that umbrella !


Luas Legs Low Res

Am I an expert at all this? certainly not but I have been at it long enough to know the joys and the disappointments and that it’s one genre of photography that gets my pulse going. I once had a conversation with a landscape photographer. To me every tree or field looks alike and to them every person looks alike! It’s so good we don’t all go for the same thing, how boring life would be.


_EXP5022 low res

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