Providing Space For Movement

One aspect that has really transformed my photography has been the concept that photography is not merely about recording something but more about giving the viewer an experience.

We’re looking like we have some place to go!!

When I am taking photos for home or family then it’s ok to just record what I see because it’s a memory for me and mine. However, I don’t show the world those photos, not even on Facebook. But if I want to please others with my photography I have to take an entirely different approach.

42. Ring Rd Kilkenny
Just a few more rails to cover!

Composition is all important and must be thought through in each genre. When it comes to movement in a photo there is a fundamental and logical conclusion to the finished image that the moving object must have space to move into.

“Give me space to enter with my stick!”

So if for example you are taking a shot of a cyclist you will most likely want to shoot it with the camera held horizontally. Then, that crucial experience that the viewer needs to have, knowing that the cyclist is moving, is to be able to imagine the movement across the image and into the space provided by the photographer.

_EST7346 with bike

This therefore means that we have to carefully and quickly get the object focused and reframed in a blink of an eye before in reality it has disappeared out of the frame. Not always easy in practice but practice is what it takes.

_EXP5022 Cat 2

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