Wide Angle Benefits

One of the most useful things I ever remember learning in my quest for good composition in my photos was that as photographers we should be attempting to produce an angle of view that our viewers do not see in everyday life. I often forget to use this tip but when I do I benefit from it’s impact on myself and my viewers.

Nikon Full Frame camera at 24mm and f2.8

There are of course many lenses on the market that produce their specific characteristics. You can use zoom to capture something too far away to get to, or use macro to pick up detail in an insect that the natural eye may not have the ability or speed to appreciate.

Nikon Full Frame camera at 24mm and f2.8

I love using my wide angle lenses to create images that have impact or humour. Whether it’s my 24mm on my Nikon full frame camera or my 17mm on my Olympus Micro Two Thirds camera the name of the game is to get as close to the foreground subject as the camera will allow.

Olympus Pen F with 42mm f3.5

Move good and close to your foreground subject. If you’re using any kind of zoom lens  make sure you’re not zoomed in but actually zoomed completely out and use your feet instead of your zoom!

Olympus Pen F with 17mm f1.8

Make sure your camera or phone actually focuses on the close foreground subject. These wide angle lenses can focus surprisingly close to a subject. If it won’t focus then move back slightly inch by inch until it does.

Olympus Pen F with 17mm f1.8

It’s good too if you can have a subject in the distance that is related somehow to your close foreground subject. The subject in the distance will no doubt be blurred out but it should still be visible and the blurring out can add to the dynamic.

Samsung phone

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