Spring Skies

When framing a scene one of the first things I will ask myself is “Does the scene include sky and if so what is the sky like?” If it’s a bland light grey or white sky I prefer to point my camera lens downwards to avoid the sky altogether.

Spring skies however can be indicative of typical Spring weather. There seems to be a clarity about outdoor scenes in the Spring, perhaps because (in our part of the world anyway) Spring will grace us with those said phenomenons – “April Showers!” Showery weather can bring dramatic cloud formations and rainbows too.

Nikon D300

Not only that but mixed shower and sunshine weather gives an opportunity for capturing falling rain like no other. Since to record falling rain on camera requires the sunshine to highlight the streaming drops, it’s one weather event to look out for with your scene or subject planned in advance.

Nikon D300

If you’re working with a compact camera keep your camera’s ISO set to 100 it’s more likely your camera will work at a speed that will be just right to pick up the raindrops. If you’re working on manual then try to get a shutter speed of 1/60 sec.

The days are becoming longer and that means dusk is lengthening too giving us more time to detect, travel to and set up a composition for a sunset or post sunset shot.

Nikon D300

Although calm weather occurs any time of the year, to me there’s something about a calm Spring morning with blue skies and the sunshine promising of warmer weather to come. I suppose it’s not so much what the weather brings, rather it’s our interpretation of what it seems to be saying and how the emotions we are feeling at the moment inspire us to want to capture something there and then.

The calm, warming Spring morning and reflections are a moment to savour on the sensor!

Nikon D300

Of course we haven’t begun to mention lightning storms and full Easter moons. Then there’s the March winds detected by the waving of the blossom filled trees and pedestrians surfing the streets under umbrellas!

Nikon D300

Be enchanted with the season, keep your camera with you and don’t let it pass you by !

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