4 Modes of Transport

Theme: Leading Lines

18th March 2019

Today my challenge was to take my 60mm lens (120mm in full frame) and go shooting with the theme of ‘Leading Lines’. Not my favourite subject and not easy with the telephoto lens. I was fairly uninspired and returned with a great deal of a rubbish. However there was one that stood out. Taken from up an alley in Patrick Street and looking back towards the road . At f8 and 1/30 sec my auto ISO chose 250.

The leading lines were on the surface of the pavement and there was a slight shadow there too. An abandoned supermarket trolley was at the left of the entrance and a bicycle to the right. I was shooting the feet of pedestrians as they walked by. It took me a while to get the right ‘gait’. Initially I was trying not to get cars going by in the background but in the end it worked very well, showing the fourth mode of transport.

I later converted the image to black and white.

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