Blue Umbrella

Theme: Contrast

22nd March 2019

With wide angle 9 to 18 mm attached I took a walk around Route 1 looking for ‘contrast’. It was mid afternoon and the weather was rainy but only light rain. Too much however to take out my Olympus Pen f which has no waterproofing so I had to sit in the car for 10 minutes to see if it would stop. When it was very light I stuffed the camera into the front of my jacket (I could not have done that with my Nikon)! And I started my walk. Contrast was lacking in a general sense because of the dull nature of the light. I spotted a man holding a baby, wearing pink, and the man was standing sideways against a green painted shop front and the scene looked lovely. But as it was still a little rainy I had my camera stuffed in my jacket so wasn’t quick enough to grab the shot.

Overall there seemed very little to spot for the theme of contrast. I took a shot of a pub which had black and white Tudor style cladding and also took a shot of a black old style lamp against a white wall.

Then on descending the 2nd laneway on my route I spotted this scene through the exit to the adjacent road. Like coming to the end of a tunnel the cobbled stones were glistening with the wet from the rain. People and cars were passing by.

I crouched low and framed the scene at 9mm coming fairly close to the exit in order to give emphasis to the light with enough of the dark around it. The background was the front of a red brick building. There was a very annoying metal barrier on the left but what could I do?

I stayed there for 10 minutes shooting as people appeared. I took a low angle so my knees were put to the test and I wished I had my tripod. Later on reviewing the shots I found I had captured a lady passing in blue with a light blue umbrella and her reflection in the wet street coming towards me was also blue. This one I edited. I knew I must return there some other wet day with tripod. The covering afforded myself and my camera  shelter.

I didn’t continue my walk after that because I then discovered I was not wearing my Bluetooth earpiece so assumed I had dropped it along the way. I retrod my steps twice over with phone in hand to detect it with no luck. Returning home frustrated, I found it there on the shelf!

11mm (22mm Equiv in full frame). Olympus Pen F. 1/125sec. F5.6 ISO800

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