Theme: Polariser

27th March 2019

I didn’t particularly get on very well with the polarizing filter challenge I set myself. I think it might have been because it was I was using a wide angle lens which a circular polariser doesn’t work too well on.

I did as well come back with a lot of rubbish, but have to see it all as ‘development’. Also there is a certain amount of luck and opportunity.

I ended up seeing the back of a lady in Patrick Street, stop and lean up against the full-length window of Mint the beauty parlour, giving a totally symmetrical reflection.  I was behind her when I saw that and I couldn’t believe my luck.

I fired off a few shots from a distance as I continued to approach her, thinking she could move and leave at any second. She didn’t though and in retrospect I should have just stayed my ground and made the most of the situation. I used my telezoom to get closer which I regret now as the quality decreases with the use of this and so I may not get a decent print out of it if I want to. Coupled with that I was set at a higher ISO than I would have liked due to the light loss from the polariser. I turned the best shot to black and white and I’m pretty pleased with its overall, at least as a digital file.

18mm (36mm Equiv in full frame). Olympus Pen F. 1/60sec. F5.6 ISO1600

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