Washing Day!

28th March 2019

Today I was meeting somebody for a 121 in Callan. I was really hoping to fire off some good building shots with my new wide angle lens. However the day was very sunny and the contrast was insane especially where buildings were concerned.

By that I mean that I was unable to get the sky with detail in it as well as expose the front of the buildings with any clarity. Either the sky was too bright or the buildings too dark and the two wouldn’t co-operate with one another!

I got a lovely angle on Kehoe’s bakery but would prefer to repeat that shot on a day with better light and better sky.


When we were on the Famine Workhouse grounds I spotted some clothes on a line and noticed the rim light around and on the clothes. I fired off a few shots and later noticed the amazing shadow on the ground and on the clothes. I turned is into black and white too and it was pretty cool . Olympus Pen f and Zuiko 9-18mm lens at 18mm (36mm Full Frame equiv). f5.6 1/250th Second

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