Ground Control

Theme: Minimalism

29th March 2019

Today’s theme was another challenge. Minimalism is all about trying to find a shot where most of the frame is taken up with nothing! Well, not quite nothing but nothing of any significance. The actual subject should take up a minimum of the frame.

Finding scenes with negative space is very difficult in a town. One window in the corner of a white wall gets boring after a while.

I think my best shot was a street lamp against the blue sky with a hint of the sun at the top right corner with a jet stream descending diagonally from it and a telegraph wire going from left to right at the bottom of the frame. Very simple but nice.

Then going down one street I spotted pedestrians walking past a huge light coloured garage door with vertical slats. All of a sudden just as I was preparing to frame, a small girl in pink shot past it on a scooter. I grabbed the shop just in time but she had motion blur. Still a nice minimalistic shot though. I guess those two were the best of a mediocre bunch.

Olympus Pen F and Zuiko 17mm f1.8 Prime Lens. f5.6, 1/125 sec ISO80

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