Red Hedge

Theme: Red

3rd April 2019

I had exactly one hour for this challenge as I parked in a free for 1 hour car park. That would be a challenge in itself to get round in an hour and especially if I saw a great opportunity and wanted to stay there for a while.

The weather was windy and the clouds were promising with a bit of blue sky and sunshine, but it was also bitterly cold, another reason why I felt confident I could get done in an hour!

So the theme was red and my lens was my good street lens so I felt a bit confident. There wasn’t too much going down on the regular street part of my walk though. Not so many people around and then those that were around were not wearing any red!

There were plenty of bollards and temporary barriers around due to all the pavement works going on and all that was very red and very messy and not interesting in the slightest. Then there were red windows and red doors, all of which I had shot so many times before.

I went down to the open Smithwick’s entrance hoping to catch some interesting looking tourists going in or out but there was not a soul around so I moved on quickly due to the cold.

Again as I crossed the bridge and looked around despite the sunshine there just seemed to be so little colour anywhere outside of the regular and static. The first hope I encountered was a bright red hedge growing either side of some steps leading up to Michael Street from the river walk.

I took a variety of shots with my 35mm prime lens at f11 and 1/250 of a second at ISO 200.

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