Backlit Break

Theme: Backlight

9th April 2019

When I took a trip to Dublin for the purpose of street photography I set myself three different themes for the day. However I didn’t stick to them as I was faced with so many options along the way.

I digressed greatly from my individually pre chosen themes. I stuck to the routes and I stuck to the lens choice but only on the one occasion did I find myself deliberately checking out scenes on the theme set for that routined lens.

Because Dublin was relatively new to me for this type of project I was unable to pass off the multitude of possibilities that filled my senses. People, silhouettes, action, buildings, lines, shapes and shadows. I determined though to be disciplined and not shoot like a machine gun and for the most part I succeeded.

In the park there was more of a calming feel compared with when on the busy streets. Here I was able to think a lot more clearly about my goals. There was less going on and the vast natural elements around me helped me to regain perspective.

I had the 25mm lens on my camera and the theme was backlight. The skies were overcast so I was not holding out much hope of fulfilling the scene until I happened upon a shelter or pavilion where one lone man stood almost silhouetted against the light coming in through the opening.

The texture on the ceilings of the pavilion gave a lovely reflection. The man was smoking and I waited for him to exhale a puff of smoke and took the shot which ultimately became a good choice for the theme.

Olympus Pen F and 25mm (50mm equiv) Olympus Zuiko Lens F4 1/250 200 ISO

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