Custom House

Theme: Symmetry

9th April 2019

With a wide angle lens and the theme symmetry, there is quite good scope for success. Even more if you happen to be in Dublin as opposed to a smaller town.

My route was from Abbey Street down to O’Connell Bridge then turn left down the Quay back over the Sean Casey Bridge and back to O’Connell Street.

I was interested in some of the older buildings on the south side of the Quay. However the sun was in just the wrong position for me being slightly diffused, it was hitting off the lens just enough to water down the clarity in the shots.

So I turned around to see what I could make of the larger buildings on the north side. With symmetry in mind I found the Custom House had what I was looking for and the clarity, contrast and quality of light was so much more improved at that angle.

I use the aperture of 5.6 because I have found that to give me the sharpest depth of field with my micro four thirds mirrorless camera, especially with the wide angle lens.

Olympus Pen F and 9-18mm (18-36mm equiv) Olympus Zuiko Lens F5.6 1/500 80 ISO

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