In The Pink

Theme: Pink 1

21st April 2019

This was a fairly interesting and relatively successful theme.

The day was sunny and contrasting and the route was busy. The first half of the route however there was nothing pink to be found except a lone pink flower growing in someone’s front garden.

Eventually as I approached the centre of the town and a few small shop fronts I became more optimistic. I spotted a beauty parlour with a pink front. From the other side of the street I was able to frame the whole shop front at 40 mm. This was my widest focal length since my self imposed constraints had given me my 42 – 50 mm zoom lens.

I was quite pleased with the composition as a tree intercepted the two logo stickers on the window which resembled the pattern of the door which had a vertical white panel intersecting the two windows. There was also a vertical post almost intercepting the pink shop front with its neighbouring blue-green one.

The shadow of a second vertical post was creeping into the frame left. A dark shadow bottom centre was pointing into the picture and was mirrored in shape by the tree base. The shadow of the tree itself pointed into the main body of the photo and there were interesting shadows creating lines across the border of the shop front caused by the branches of the tree.

I waited there for roughly 10 minutes as people walked by. I shot a number of frames looking for a decent gait from pedestrians along with the right colours worn and the right number combinations.

Most of the time it was two people that came together obscuring one another or whole groups of people making the composition fairly muddled.

In the mix I found this shot I had taken of a lone pedestrian wearing a similar colour pink to the surroundings. What I also liked about this shot was the way the lady’s gait spoke of calm and peace along with the colour that seemed to communicate the same.

Olympus Pen F and 40-150mm (80-300mm equiv) Olympus Zuiko Lens F5.6 1/500 ISO 200

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