Padmore and Barnes

Theme: ND Filter

7th April 2019

The idea of this theme was not just to use the ND Filter but to concentrate on design and composition as well.

I use an ND 3 filter which gives me an additional 10 stops so on a sunny day I can get as long as a whole minute of exposure time and beyond. I love that it gives the opportunity to record the clouds as a wisp on an appropriately breezy day.

Of course going out on this theme you can’t incorporate quick grab shots on the streets, but your focus is more on city scenes with its buildings. Another day another thing you wouldn’t be focusing on the buildings, the architecture and could simply walk past them.

With the ND filter theme though and tripod to accompany it I was able to slow down and scan for some of the best angles regardless of traffic or pedestrians. I wish there had been more of an airflow in the clouds but nevertheless the sky was rendered rather nice above the ‘peaks’ of Padmore and Barnes retail outlet.

I chose to stop at the end of the rather long building because of the more minimalistic nature of the structure here. With my lens set at 9 mm ISO 80 and an aperture of f 5.6 that gave me an exposure of 1/500 but with the nd3 filter in place I lengthened the exposure stops by 10 which gave me 4 seconds on a sunny day.

I did take a number of shots of different structures and scenes around the town and I love that the long exposure possible with the neutral density filter means that largely cars and pedestrians render invisible even when taken on a busy afternoon.

Parochial House Olympus Pen f 8 secs @ f5.6 and 9 – 18mm Olympus Zuiko lens @ 9mm with ND3 Filter.




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