Online Photoshop Classes.


This is a foundational Course which will ground photographers and Photoshop owners in the practical use of the software so that they can become confident in editing and creativity.

The course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the use of Photoshop.

The teaching leads the user gently into the basics before branching out into more ambitious operations.

Everything in the course builds knowledge upon knowledge. It’s not just about ‘grabbing’ a to0l or randomly moving a slider but gives grounding in understanding how and why a certain action would work.

The goal is that the user would learn to approach the software as one might approach a familiar friend!

This comes from an understanding of the make up of the digital image and takes the guesswork out of the workflow.

The Style of the Course

 Sessions are not hard slog with information overload but that there is a variety of presentations, demonstrations and activities.

 There is also voluntary homework so you have an incentive to practice.

 The aim is to introduce you to the elements and workings of Photoshop so that you become so familiar with it yourself that you will soon discover and work out things not mentioned in the sessions.

The Software

     Participants would need to have their own copy of Photoshop Elements, CS or CC.

     I may be using from a different version but we can work out slight variations as we go.

  Not every feature in the software will be covered. Only those that are considered useful and practical to everyday use.

Photoshop Elements

A very comprehensive programme and is suitable for the majority of camera owners.

Elements can still be bought outright on disc or as a download.

Try Amazon for periodical bargains as a disc.

Also try for a download.

Photoshop Creative Cloud.

 This version is downloaded from and then you pay for it on a monthly basis.

There is a basic bundle which includes other apps too.

 There is also a more expensive and more sophisticated bundle too.

Online Sessions

Sessions are conducted on Zoom. Please download the app, (preferably on a PC) at

All payments must be made before sessions.

Payment options are: PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

To arrange sessions and payment contact amanda@amandaburke

or phone 086 067 7875 (Republic of Ireland).

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