Online One To One Beginners Photography Course

Whether you own a humble compact digital camera or a digital SLR, including the increasingly popular mirrorless SLR, these classes are designed to help with all aspects of the digital scene. 

Our online one to one courses are designed to meet the needs of not only the complete beginner but also the budding enthusiast and the ambitious career seeker in our informative yet ‘made easy’ curriculum.  

We use an approach that is considered to be sensitive to individual requirements with the sole purpose of bringing understanding of both camera use and picture taking.

 This course consists of the basics in digital photography and getting to know your camera. Students may have compact, bridge or SLR camera’s and Amanda personally makes sure that each students knows their camera and receives a knowledge of the composition of a good photograph as opposed to a basic ‘snap’. 

Unlike many other courses we start from the floor up and assume no prior knowledge at all. This course offers you exactly what it says it will and gives you more than you expect!”

This Course Highlights:-

Becoming familiar with important settings on your camera.

Improving your chances of the very best shots.

How to wow family and friends with shots that have imapact.

Discover new fun in photography that the use of a tripod makes possible.

Being aware of the light you are shooting in and how it can make or break a photo.

Discover who you are as a photographer and how best to continue.

This Course Includes:-

Pictures of people.

General composition.

Night photography.

Close up photography.

Action and slow motion photography.

Perfect focusing.

Tips and tricks.

Understanding flash.

Simple editing and enhancing of images.

The Style of the course.

The sessions involve screen sharing.

Please have your camera fully charged before each session.

A set curriculum will be followed unless the participant prefers to focus on a specific area.

There will be short presentations to enhance learning.

Each participant will be shown how to navigate their own camera.

Simple photo tasks will need to be done before the next session so that useful feedback can be given.

Any editing and enhancing on the computer can be demonstrated and/or practiced together.

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