Amanda Burke began to teach the popular ‘Beginners in Digital Photography’ classes in Kilkenny in 2007. A photographer herself since 1978 and a professional since 1998, Amanda’s approach to teaching photography classes has always been to simplify the technical jargon of cameras and editing software for the benefit of the enthusiastic user.   Many other photography and Photoshop courses, including on the internet, presume prior experience. Our classes however are unique in that they are directed at complete beginners with absolutely any type of camera, although we do also cater for the more experienced photographer. Over 12 years more than one thousand camera owners and more experienced photographers booked into our classes on a local level with more than a third of these going on to our follow on classes.

It is now a new season since the pandemic and the termination of local classes. We now have the fresh incentive of being able to reach further into the world of photography by offering individual classes at affordable rates. We now have the Beginners, Improvers and Photoshop classes available on Zoom and other video conference mediums.